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Learn how to qualify for
a MOScholars scholarship!
Find out:

• Where do you have to live to qualify?

• Find out how to qualify through an IEP

 Find out how to qualify based on income

• Take a survey to find out if you qualify

• Find out how you can contribute to the program

• See a list of participating schools

• Find out what EAOs are and which ones serve your community



Direct your state income taxes to help students in need today!


Learn how to:

  • Reserve your MOScholars state credit

  • Use your tax credit to fund scholarships for Missouri children in need of better schools

  • Claim your tax credit when you file your taxes

  • Share how to use your taxes to fund scholarships with others



Increase enrollment and diversity at your school.


Access the following materials:

  • The Basics for School Leaders

  • FAQs for School Leaders

  • Materials to help you spread the word

What are MOScholars scholarships?

MOScholars is a new Missouri education scholarship program that empowers eligible families to select the best school for their children. The scholarships may be used to pay for a variety of educational expenses including tuition at a private school. In addition, other educational expenses like curriculum, transportation, technology, tutoring, and therapies are allowed.

How are MOScholars scholarships funded?

MOScholars is funded by private donations and administered by the State Treasurer’s Office.  The $25 Million scholarship fund is raised each year through donations from Missouri individuals and companies who receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

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Hear from happy MOScholars families

Hear from happy MOScholars families

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