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Unfortunately, it looks like you may not qualify for a MO Scholars ESA Scholarship

Based on your responses it does not look like your child will qualify for MO Scholars ESA scholarship at this time. 


State law limits who can receive these Scholarships based on a variety of factors including household income and whether or not the student has an IEP.

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What you can do to fix this issue

If you do not qualify for an MO Scholars ESA Scholarship at this time based on income or IEP status, then the next step is to change the law to allow more families to benefit from this program.

The Children's Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is working with parents across the state to expand the MO Scholars ESA Scholarship program to more families. 

Because the guidelines for qualifying for a scholarship are set in state law, expanding the program means passing new legislation that would open the program up to more families across the state. 

CEAM helps families like yours learn how to advocate for policy changes and bring their stories, voices, and passion to the state capitol to push for more school choices in Missouri.

If you would like to join this movement, please fill out the form and we will contact you to let you know how you can help make sure more families have access to high-quality educational options.

Join the movement!

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